EVP Recordings Archive

  • 21st Century Seance

    The group initially sat as an experimental physical circle, with short periods of blackout. Progress was rapid but there were concerns that without light, we were unable to be certain that phenomena was genuine and not accidental or fraudulent. The shift to red light was not detrimental and reported phenomena, both acoustic and visual continued to build. Our sittings more recently have focused on EVP correlating with the appearance of transfigured communicators.

  • field investigations

    The question of why we investigate a historic property through EVP is an important one; we see the possibility, however remote, of communication with people that lived in another era to be an opportunity not to be missed. We have a passion for our heritage and why would you not want to talk to our ancestors; scientific pioneers, flamboyant socialites, royalty, the cleaners and everyone in between because they made us who we are. It is the nearest we can get to picking up a phone and speaking to a witness of historic events.

  • live evp

    We define Live EVP as being audible communication obtained during experimental recording; therefore allowing the reviewer to hear anomalous voices as they are spoken. It is sometimes possible to hear clearly what is being said but more often than not, immediate review is required. A percentage of voices are also captured as traditional EVP, meaning that you are unable to hear the speaker during capture but you will see a wave form on the recording. The recordings are performed unaccompanied by Rachel.