About Us

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

The recordings featured on this site might be considered extraordinary but we are under no illusions that they constitute proof of anything other than our ineptitude to fathom the mechanics of the phenomena. We have no certain answers and no clear paradigm. At best we might have captured glimpses of what may exist just outside of the reach of our perceived reality.

Rachel Browning

Rachel founded the experimental Furzey Hill Physical Seance Group in 2005, this evolved into sittings predominantly for EVP and transfiguration. She has been researching physical phenomena for many years and has spoken at conferences and to groups on the subject of EVP capture in historic buildings and the seance environment. Rachel created this site and is responsible for all content.

Tracey Martin

Tracey has been a member of the seance group since formation and has attended many field recordings. She has an active interest in healing and mediumship, and her sensitivity to the energy patterns when sitting is invaluable. When Tracey's not recording, she's busy crocheting and sewing.

Gina Phillips

Gina first joined the group for a recording at Hampton Court Palace in 2017. Being naturally logical and analytical, she makes a welcome addition to our team. As well as approaching the work we do in a scientific manner, she is artistically gifted with a beautiful voice and a passion for musical theatre.

Location and Field Investigations

We are based in Gloucestershire, in the South West of England and it's here that we hold the 21st Century Seance. Experimental recordings may be done in domestic, research and industrial environments. Our field investigations center on historic sites in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Please note that this site is not commercial and is privately funded. Our investigations take place at sites and buildings that are open to the public and privately owned. Our studies, EVP recordings and videos are not endorsed by the owner(s) of the recording location unless specifically stated.