About Us

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

The recordings featured on this site might be considered extraordinary but we are under no illusions that they constitute proof of anything other than our protracted ineptitude to fathom the truth of the phenomena. We have no certain answers and pedal no paradigms. At best we might have captured glimpses of what may exist just outside of the reach of our perceived reality.

Behind the name

Rachel Browning founded the experimental group in 2005, of which two initial members remain. She has been researching physical phenomena for many years and has spoken at conferences and to many multi faith groups on the subject of EVP capture in the seance environment.


We are based in Gloucestershire, in the South West of England and it's here that we hold the 21st Century Seance. Experimental recordings may be done in domestic, research and industrial environments. Our field investigations center on historic sites in the United Kingdom and overseas.