semantics of evp

One of the most puzzling aspects of EVP are the astoundingly out of context messages we encounter. Whilst the speech may be easily understood, challenges in both logical and lexical semantics are captured.

In the EVP 2, on playback we presume the speaker knows that someone or something is under the bed and in their communication, is directing a question to another who may be in the same place, under the bed. Whilst this may seem logical, remind yourself that the speaker is not physically in the room with us and when I tell you there is no bed in the room, the message becomes highly illogical. Not having full knowledge of the speaker's location or state, it is important that we try not load our interpretations with unprovable presupposition and implications, however logical they may be.

The nonsensical message in EVP 4 contains two seemingly unrelated subjects, the holy grail and wearing shoes. Whilst it is colloquially common to use the holy grail as a euphemism, it doesn't fit easily with the second subject. The relationship between the words feels clumsy and awkward. Being mindful of lexical semantics, which considers the meaning and relevance of words, we are aided in discerning whether we should pay attention to a message or if it's merely gobbledygook.

As you review the following EVP, it's for you to decide their semantic interpretation.