EVP pitch and speed

If we presume that EVP originates from an external, discarnate intelligent being, it should not be surprising that the production and projection of speech without a physical voice box might result in linguistic difficulties and abberations.

If you take a moment to think how we unconsciously monitor our own speech as we speak, it's immediately apparent that for an EVP communicator, they have no way of modulating their voice to know that it will be understandable to us. Because the nature of EVP is such that it is mostly heard on playback, it is not possible to make any neccessary adjustment for the listener.

In our experience, irregular patterns of pitch and speed were more evident in the early years of recording. More recently, only a very small percentage of EVP requires adjustment to enable easier translation. Despite travelling to unfamiliar sites for recording, speech is usually captured at a conversational pace. Have we become attunded as receivers or are communicators briefed in the necessary protocol? We simply do not know.

EVP 1: The shrill, fast pace of this EVP is quite unusual. There appears to be an order of events for séances that we have no control over. We have no idea who will communicate, either by EVP or visually and cannot guarantee that those we talk to are able to respond.

EVP 2: This very fast message was captured at the beginning of a seance. At the previous session, a message was given asking for acknowledgment to be made of all regular communicators; to do this Rachel had to make a list. The roll call list at the beginning of the seance, was not received warmly.

EVP 3: The speed at which the "speaker" communicates is approximately 20% faster than normal speech. The content of the message is remarkable and denotes a communicator who is not corporeal, yet able to convey their thoughts in voice. It also makes one wonder what the communicator has experienced post mortem.

EVP 4: The speed and pitch of this EVP is unique, we have many thousands of clips in the archive but no other has the same tonal qualities or speed. We can only assume from the message, that the communicator is testing their ability to be captured on the digital recorder.

EVP 5: The word worzle is a slang term used to denote a rural country bumpkin from the South West of England. The gentleman's thick regional accent and deep, warm pitch are very distinctive.