Dialects in evp

From the very first recording, a wide range of languages and accents were evident in our EVP. Whilst most EVP received is in English, we have numerous recordings that we have not been able to translate because the language used is nolonger in use.

Having recorded overseas and all over the United Kingdom, there are patterns of commonality in speech of those who communicate via EVP; with most messages spoken by males, having a southern English accent and who use a modern vocabulary.

Rachel is currently undertaking a study of 14,000 EVP samples, which we hope will provide answers or clues to how speech is formed and the state in which communicators exist. Data analysis for the study is progressing but is not expected to be complete before mid 2021.

EVP 1: Leslie, a regular communicator is attempting to transfigure over Rachel's face. Unfortunately more than one face is seen by Tracey who feeds back her observations to Leslie. An unknown male voice with a thick Jordy accent, local to the North East of England, is clearly unimpressed with the transfiguration.

EVP 2: The unknown male speaker has an unmistakable Scouse, Liverpudlian accent. At the time of capture, members of the group were observing the transfiguration of a gentleman's face over Rachel's. We often capture comments from communicators conveying their thoughts on the transfigured appearance of other communicators during a seance.

EVP 3: This is the voice of Helen, a Scottish lady who is a regular communicator to the group. The clip was captured at the beginning of a session and she obviously wanted to know if she had missed anything. Helen's voice is often captured in séances that take place on field investigations.

EVP 4: This was the first EVP captured by Rachel, during her first, solo recording session. Although the elderly lady's voice you can hear has a similar regional accent to Rachel, which is not local to the recording location, the speakers vocal tone suggests that she might be considerably older. Sadly we do not know her name.

EVP5: This is Charlie, who was an engineer in WWII; the clip was recorded in a seance that took place the evening after a local airshow. Charlie is a regular communicator and his voice is often recorded in field investigations far and wide. We understand from messages that his home was in Royal Arsenal, Woolwich.