avebury stone circle

avebury, wiltshire, england

Avebury Stone Circle and Henge is a sacred site thought to have been built in the Neolithic period between 2850 BC - 2200 BC. The Henge, a ditch and bank, encirlces part of the village of Avebury and the enclosing 100 stones of the Stone Circle, the largest in Britain.

How life was lived within the structure of the henge is not fully understood. Aerial photographs suggest that there were more buildings than at the present time and they hint at a society where cermonial rituals took place. In the medieval period the circle was associated with Devil worship however these days it's mostly frequented by tourists and those who seek a spiritual connection with its past.

The recording was made in the late evening during the spring, when the air was warm and still. Despite there being a road realtively close to the stones, there doesn't appear to be any road noise evident on the recording. The only extraneous noise to be disregarded during review was the bleating of noisy sheep, which grazed the field around the stone we stood against.