seance Recording Archive

  • We understand that the close link we forge with our communicators in regular séances enables us to capture consistently clear EVP. We provide an insight into the ongoing development of our group by providing a selection of clips from our most recent sitting.

    Due to the distancing restrictions, physical seances will cease for the forseeable future, however experimentation and the ongoing study into the linguistics of EVP will continue.

    The monthly calendar of EVP clips in our seance archive each provides an outline of how varied phenomenae is in individual sittings be it visual, auditory or electronic. We can never predict what will happen, who will come forward or how they choose to let themselves be known to us. The same communicator on different sittings might be seen in transfiguration, heard audibly in the room or communicate via EVP.

    Our archive of seance recordings dates from 2008 to 2022, however, only the previous 12 months will feature on the website. Notification of new recordings will be posted on the home page and via subscription on our YouTube channel.

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